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class photograph 1997Kingsley Primary School, Grade 1, website - page 3

The children are very excited to know that their class is 'on the Internet'. They have all written messages for 'net visitors:

We have a new boy in our class - Andrew
One day I went to Wiggles and giggles it was fun I played in everything. I went with Mathew. He is my best friend I like him so very much. He went to the same school he is 7 so am I. I have just started Kingsley school.

Hello I am from Westen Australia. and my nane is Leon. I have lots of friends. I was born in Perth and I like playing football.

Hello my name is Natalie I live in W.A. the city where I live is Perth abd I like to go to the Adventure World best I like chocolate ice cream I am seven and I go to calasthenics.

Hello my name is Daniel .......... I like to build houses out of blocks. I'm in year one. I come from Kingsley Primary School.

Hello My name is Chad and I like going to the park and I have a computer and I'm 7 years old and I can get on the net and I am nearly 8. I live in w a and my best sport is footBall and my other sport is eggracing and I play with Leon

Hello my name is Cassandra ..... I am from Western Australia and I love swimming I have pink and purple bathers and I also have a pool in my backyard. I can swim in the deep end my Mum has black bathers Mum swims in as well so does my brother Cameron he has blue bather I'm 6 and Cameron is 8 we have a nintendo.

Hello my name is David I'm from Western Australia I like bugie boarding. You lay down on the bugie boarding and you surf and I like swimming too. I am in year 2.

Hello my name is Caitlin I am from Australia I am six years old I have a dog she's called Rosie. one of my friends is called Emma I am in year two our school is called Kingsley my teachers name is Mrs Campbell

Hello my name is Rebecca I like going to the park and Im nearly 8 Im gowing to have a computer soon and iv got a sister called courtney and my whole family lives in w a but thers a couple of nanas live in England I wish I could come and visit Scotland

Hello my name is Andrea.I am 7 on the 20th of October on Monday my class went some where. There was a man called Mr Shepherd. We went to a school like the children in the olden days did. The place was called the Museum of early Childhood We saw how the babys got dressed and the diseases babys and children could get then. We went to the toy section then the kitchen then we went to a park and had lunch. After lunch we got to play on the park when we had a play then we went back to School.

Hello my name is Scott ......... I am 7 years old I like making face puppets

Hello my name is Hazim and wa is the goodest world and I like vegetables I eat vegetables every day then I go to bed and then I wake up and get changed and I watched cheese tv then I went to school then I did work and I played on the oval then we go to the Library and we choose a book and we go home.

Hello my name is Rebecca S. We went to the Museum of early childhood I saw the puppet theatre We went to see what it was like in the olden days and I saw a rocking horse

Hello I am Cameron I like surfing at the beach and I live in w A I like playing Football my teachers name is Mrs Campbell i've got heaps of friends

Hello my name is Anjelica and I am from w.a. I love playing pool and I am from Kingsley Primary School and I live in Armadale I like to swim in the pool next week I am going to the country for a holiday in Boyannup to visit my Nanny and grandad and I have a baby sister. I am in room 5.

Hello im travis I lide going to the park to play I have fun and I wen home

Hello my name is Philip I come from Wagga I am a Nintends player and i'm 6 I have heaps of friends at KinGsLEY pRimARY School my teacher is Mrs Campbell I have got a JuRAssic pARK pencil case.

Hello my name Lisa and I live in w.a and my favourite food is fruit and ice cream and Ive got five best friends and there names are rebbeca and Jordan and Natalie and Andrea and caitlin

I am from Western Australia my name is Aaron I Like Play foot ball I got five trophies I also like surfing I am in year one

Hello I am from Western Australia. I used too have a cat but it ran away and my dog had puppies I am in year one.

Hello My name is Ben I am from Western Australia I am 7 and I am a year 2 and I pale basketball and I go for Wildcats

Hello my name is Karl and I like going to the park and my favourite food is McDonalds and I am 6 my Room 5

Hello my name is Kim I like my school we have monkey bars and a basket-ball caught and I am in year 2. and I have a go cart and horses and sheep on my block.

(Mathew) Hello we went to the Museum of erly childhood it was great. First we went to the school. Mr Shepherd picked some naughty kids I had to site in the corner. Katie had to stand on her char with her hands on her head. Natile had to sit on the char with a Dunces hat on. then we went to the museum. We saw the olden days toys and we saw the puppet theatre then we went to a park to have our lunch then we went back to school.

Hello my name is Jordan I like insects and nature and school very much I have some friends and a teacher called Mrs campbell I live in W.A. I am going to be 7 this year I go to calastheniss and there is a competition on in 2 weeks and I love my dance called Fancy

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